East Coast Truckers Charity

Our World Famous Children's Convoy


Take an active part in the spectacle that is the 34th Annual
East Coast Truckers Children's Convoy!!

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East Coast Truckers Charity are looking for volunteers for Sunday 25th August to help manage the crowd as the 34th Children's Convoy makes it way along the Golden Mile, Great Yarmouth at 6pm.

If you are over 18 and would like to volunteer, please contact Darin Culling on 07966 397 733

You know the Song… (Or do you)?

'Cause we got a little convoy
Rockin' through the day.
Yeah, we got a little convoy,
Beautiful wouldn't you say?

Come on and join our convoy
Ain't nothin' gonna make us wait.
We gonna roll this truckin' convoy
'Long the Acle Straight.

One of the region's major events of the summer is our Children's Convoy when we have around 80 trucks plus support vehicles and a police escort taking children with special needs to Pleasurewood Hills for the afternoon and then return through Great Yarmouth in the evening. With over a hundred vehicles in total, the convoy is indeed a spectacle to behold!

Thousands of people line the route from County Hall Norwich to Pleasurewood Hills in the morning and then again in the early evening as the convoy returns to County Hall via the seafront at Great Yarmouth. It makes the children's day to see everyone waving them on from any vantage point en route. There are always lots of smiles, a great deal of arm-waving and goodness! Those horns are loud!

Logistically, the best place to be is somewhere near the Marina Centre in Yarmouth but, if you just want a good view get yourself onto a bridge on the A47. But, be early. Lots of people have the same idea!


34th CONVOY 25/08/2019

10:00 - Leave County Hall, Norwich

10:30 - Acle Roundabout

11:00 - Great Yarmouth (Gapton Hall Roundabout)

11:15 - Gorleston

12:00 - Arrive Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park


17:00 - Leave Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park

18:00 - Marine Parade (Seafront), Great Yarmouth

19:30 - Arrive at County Hall, Norwich

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Everyone Plays Their Part

The Drivers

Well, the whole thing started with a group of truck drivers rallying together and, without a doubt, they continue to be the backbone of the charity. Not only do they volunteer their time to support the charity in its many roles, but they take pride in presenting the charity and the whole transport sector in a good light.

Many will travel significant distances to join our activities and let us not forget… Those shiny trucks don't clean themselves!

All the Trustees of the charity are in full-time employment within the transport industry.

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The Volunteers

The charity thrives in no small part due to the fantastic work donated so freely by our wonderful volunteers. Many of our volunteers have been associated with the ECT and the charity for many years and we never tire of seeing them helping out at our events.

They may be out with collecting pots, doing sponsored activities, helping prepare food for our events, acting as marshals or offering to help out in whatever way they can.

Their help is greatly appreciated and vital to our cause.

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The Constabulary

We are always grateful for the support from the Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies.

They take an active part in the planning of our annual convoy and provide the essential escort on the day.

It should be acknowledged that the motorcycle outriders carry out that function on their days off, so we thank them for that.

The team have now taken on real-time twitter feeds during the convoy itself so as to keep the public informed of our prograsss along the A47.
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